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Welding cables are incredibly flexible, with a high number of very fine strands made of copper wire. They are insulated with synthetic rubber materials, including ethylene propylene diene monomer elastic (EPDM) and neoprene. The external covering is relatively delicate, abrasion-resistant, and able to handle flexing and misuse. Welding cable holds their flexibility at exceptionally low temperatures and withstand high temperatures. You can go through welding cables on circuits up to 600 volts. A durable cable is important in industrial environments where abrasions, cuts, burns from sparks, and oil and water exposure can quickly wear out a weaker cable so welding cable is most important in that areas. Hindustan Tools provide you with one of the best welding cables. There are so many varieties available. You can easily purchase any product on our website.

Sizing & Applications

This guide is meant to inform and support you in the appropriate choice and use of welding cables. We generally suggest that you consult an authorized and competent electrician to assist you with the sizing and selection of parts for your specific application.


For welding applications, specifications to consider are:
Ampacity: The ampacity refers to the maximum measure of current your cable can deal with securely.
Length: Your cable should be sufficiently long to arrive at each edge of the space you will weld in. You should remember that (1) one cable connects from the welder to the electrode and (2) another cable will connect from the welder to the piece that is being welded.
Flexibility: The higher the strand count, the more adaptable the cable.
Insulation: The welding cable insulation is usually made of neoprene, EPDM, or PVC. Both neoprene and EPDM jackets are flexible, and resistant to the harsh climate, scraped areas, water, and water. however, they are not appropriate for exposure to a gas or other oil-based fluid. PVC is less flexible but has high resistance to cuts and tears.


Arc-welding: For welding applications, two links are required: one interfaces the machine to the electrode, while the other connects the machine to the workpiece that is being welded, and these two cables form a total circuit.
Other uses: Welding cables are solid and adaptable and are a popular decision for entertainment or stage lighting cables, lighting and sound system, and communication vans. They can also work as battery cables for vehicles, inverter cables, and as a more cost-effective alternative to pendant cables on hoists and cranes.

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