AS-196 WITH AC-60 Air Compressor


ARTMASTER SPRAY GUN: AC-60 spray gun. brass nozzle size : 0. 7mm. cup size: 60ml. Useful for – Cake decoration, Tattoo art, Make-up, Painting, Art, etc.

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  • QUIET YET POWERFUL: This twin-cylinder, 1/4 horsepower airbrush compressor delivers excellent power with approximate air delivery of 6 BAR, with advanced, precision-forged pistons for very little noise (59 dB). Oil-less design makes this compressor suitable for food decorating and body/nail art along with all other standard airbrushing applications.
  • SMOOTH, PRECISE AIR OUTPUT: A sensitive pressure regulator with integrated gauge and water-trap allows precise adjustment and control of airflow to deliver clean, dry air.
  • POWER-SAVING & DUAL-OPERATING MODES: When switched on in the primary position, compressor runs until pressure reaches approximately 60 psi, then cycles off until the pressure drops to 40 psi, when the unit restarts. This power-saving feature reduces motor wear while maintaining enough pressure to operate most airbrushes. In the secondary switch position, the compressor runs continuously, when maximum output is desired (up to 85 psi).
  • CONSTANT PRESSURE WITH ZERO PULSATION: Air is drawn from the large, 3.5-liter air storage tank, providing constant, regulated pressure and smooth output. This eliminates the pressure pulsations common with tank-less compressors. Tank features a threaded drain plug for purging any accumulated water and a pressure-release valve for safety (release pressure prior to draining).


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