Painter Spray Gun Electric Spray Gun EGH-13

Original price was: ₹3,900.00.Current price is: ₹2,849.00.

Model No :- EGH-13

Cup Capacity :- 800 ml

Voltage :- 230V~240V

Diameter of Nozzle :- 2.2 mm

Rate Power :- 650 W

Cable Length :- 2.5 Mtr.

Weight :- 1.68 kg

Deposit : 284.90 Per item for Cash On Delivery

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Additional Accessories 

  1. PCG-11T – Nozzle
  2. Female Coupler
  3. Coupler


SPN-BFC Electric Spray Gun

Powerful and Durable

This electric brush paint spray gun has a cup capacity of 800ml and a hose length of 1.5mtr. It has a 6-foot cable. The discharge rate is 0-380ml/min, it can be used to apply paint for oil base or water base paint. It is suitable for spray coating, plastic molding, and wall finishing work. Connect the power supply cord, choose your desired nozzle by switching the switch on the control panel, press down the handle to spray; Press down again to retract the handle fully.

SPN-BFC Electric Spray Gun

Equipped with an Electric Motor

This is no ordinary painter. It is a professional, high-quality spray gun that is equipped with an electric motor, a fluid regulator of 2.2 mm nozzle, and two stainless steel nozzles that ensure greater efficiency. It comes with a 1.5 meter long hose, which can be easily adjusted to suit different projects. The device is designed to be used with oil or water-based paints of up to 380 ml per minute output, making your painting a breeze!

SPN-BFC Electric Spray Gun

Compact Design and High Output

This Electric Spray Gun with its compact design and high output is a great choice for any painter! Its carefully designed nozzle size of 2.2 mm makes spraying paint easy, plus the included adjustable nozzle makes getting the perfect spread even easier. With 650W of power and a 2.5-meter long hose, you’re going to get off more than just your shopping list!

About this item

1. ELECTRIC SPRAY GUN for oil base & water base paint used.
2. Easy to clean, no exit, and low noise.
3. Easy to clean, no exit, and low noise.
4. Our paint sprayer adopts the separate design of the motor and spray gun


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