Elephant Impact Wrench 1 Inch – IW04 Heavy Duty with Torque 2980 Nm for Truck, Bus & Tractors

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Elephant Impact Wrench 1 Inch – Heavy Duty with Torque 2980 Nm.

  • Bolt Capacity : 48 mm
  • Max. Torque : 2980 N.m..
  • Free Speed : 3800 rpm
  • Mechanism : pin less hammer.
  • Air Inlet : 1/2”
  • Air Pressure : 8-12 kg
  • Anvil Length : 8”.
  • Moment Bound : 1300-2600 N.m.
  • Net. Weight : 17.5 kgs, Size of Socket : 32, 33 mm,
  • Recommended for Truck, Bus & Tractors

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Elephant Impact Wrench 1 Inch – Heavy Duty with Torque 2980 Nm.

Heavy Duty Pneumatic Impact Wrench, 1 Inch

The ELEPHANT IW-04 Heavy Duty Pneumatic Impact Wrench tackles the most demanding automotive and industrial tasks with exceptional performance and efficiency. Combining heavy-duty torque output with smooth control, this impact wrench is an ideal choice for equipment repair, heavy-duty automotive work, and other extreme applications. The robust six-vane motor is fine-tuned to install and remove threaded fasteners with ease. And thanks to its dual handles and 8-inch extended anvil, this impact wrench provides exceptional accessibility and control.

Heavy-Duty Torque Output

This ELEPHANT air impact wrench lets technicians stand and deliver performance time and time again. Ergonomically designed handle and grip allow better control without the back-bending contortions. It generates a tremendous 2980 Nm. of torque for unmatched productivity and efficiency. Includes 8 inches anvil.

Tough Sockets

This ELEPHANT Impact Wrench IW-02 comes with sockets 32 & 33 mm. Offers the power needed for extra-tight fastenings, rusted bolt removal, and other heavy-duty applications. It delivers 2980Nm of maximum torque and 1,300 – 2600Nm of fast torque in two seconds–enough for even the most stubborn nuts and bolts. A feather touch trigger offers fine control over torque output.

Brief Detailing

Power Tool

For more  than 30 years, professionals have relied on ELEPHANT for quality and performance on the toughest jobs. Our advanced engineering and manufacturing have a standard of excellence often copied, but never matched. When it comes to assembly tools, industrial tools, and vehicle service tools, don’t settle for less. Count on genuine ELEPHANT, accessories, and equipment.


Oiling Daily

Use lubricating oil on regular basis to prevent your pnematic tools from inhouse jamming. Oiling may protect the tool & also increase the life that helps to build the last.

Exceptional Control and Accessibility

With its two handles, the IW-04 impact wrench is ideal for jobs that require pinpoint precision. The swept-back handle delivers excellent maneuverability and control, while the top-mounted dead handle gives you additional leverage for difficult underbody work. The 8-inch anvil allows you to easily reach nuts and bolts that are tucked away and difficult to access. Total control over the speed with 3 regulator speed for reverse and forward both.


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