Elephant Wrench (1 Inch) IW 04 L Torque Power 2180 Nm

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Elephant Wrench (1 Inch) IW 04 L Torque Power 2180 Nm

  • Bolt Capacity : 41 mm
  • Free Speed : 4200 rpm.
  • Mechanism : pin less hammer
  • Air Inlet : 1/2”.
  • Air Pressure : 8-12 kg
  • Anvil Length : 8”
  • Moment Bound : 900-1850 N.m.
  • Net. Weight : 14.0 kgs
  • Size of Socket : 32, 33 mm.

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Product Description

Elephant Impact Wrench’s dedication to the automotive industry spans decades. We understand the specific needs of maintaining and repairing bus and truck fleets. In addition to the right power tools, we also develop and build the compressed air and aftermarket solutions that meet every automotive demand. With Elephant Impact Wrench, best operating practices in automotive become your part.

Elephant Impact Wrench helps make tough jobs easier:


  • Products: reliability, ergonomics, safety, robustness and ease of use
  • Service: best-in-class support with fast local service
  • Expertise: expert advice based on decades of experience, from factory to field, through certified quality testing and training
  • Parts: original spare parts and services
  • Availability: fast and easy delivery through a dedicated global production and distribution network



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